Life in General and the wait for rAge

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A normal post… or is that even possible?

How to begin?

Life in general, a short story by Satosan

Nah, not going to begin like that.

Well, we’re already past the midpoint of the year. That means at least a half year left before I’m hopefully done with studies and then have to start work. How fun that sounds *rolls eyes*.

On another note, I’m finally going to rAge, a expo that is situated in Johannasburg. It starts on the 3rd of October and goes on to the 5th. I’m looking forward to it, since I’ll be able to buy all those awesome anime goodies I really wanted. Thus, it goes to say I’ll have to save some more money so I can spend more.


Watching anime gets slowed down unfortunately,  but trying to squeeze in as I can. Now following is a few I have watched recently.

Slayers Revolution

Chi’s Sweet Home

Asatte no Houkou

Lost Universe

Slayers Revolution

Four episodes has been released so far, and it all have been what I’ve been expecting. Crazy antics as always, and not a moment of rest for Lina Inverse and the rest of her  group. Thus, quite likely making this one of my favourite anime this season. Can’t wait to see more of this as it gets released.

Chi’s Sweet Home

Several words can describe it, but I’ll use “Undescribably, Unbelievable Kawaii!” Even if it’s small 3 minute episodes, this series really show the life of a cute kitten called Chi. Recommended for small breaks inbetween anime, since its most of the time stand alone.

Asatte no Houkou

Watched a few episodes, and seems interesting. Short at 12 episodes, I’ll probably finish watching it soon.

Lost Universe

Created by the person who created Slayers, I decided to check it out and see if it’s interesting. And it does seem interesting so far. Nothing much to say until I watch more of it. So far the animation quality isn’t that amazing, but it is an old anime so I won’t fault it for that completely.

As for gaming, been playing random games more than anything else. For DS, Cooking Mama 2 is currently on my playing list. As is Final Fantasy IV, but I need to grind a bit more, gain a few levels before I go on with it.


Ah, nearly forgot. I’m going to try and finish some art I did some time ago. For now, a small update is in order. A color test for a WIP. Hope you like it so far :).


Well, that’s all for this update. Until next then.


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I haven’t really seen much anime titles..
I should really get back into it again :3

Hope that you’re managing to sort your cash for rAge.. I hear there’s some good stuff this year

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